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The Motion pictures business in Nigeria has certain unique aspects which pose challenges in front of those whose fortunes are linked with the industry. With over 3.5 billion film tickets old and over 1,000 movies produced annually, Nigeria is undoubtedly the second largest film producing market in the world.

The shelf life of a movie is short whereas the cost of producing and marketing it along with the financial risk associated with its success are very high. The business done in a traditional way exposes Producers, Distributors and Financiers to undue risks.

Aviva is associated and having relationships with over 150 major corporate in the Media and Entertainment industry. We enjoy the majority market share when it comes to placing Media and Entertainment related risk in the Nigerian market.

Aviva has also been instrumental to being underwriting Media Errors and Omission risk for films in Nigeria. We take the pride for being No.1 brokers in Nigeria when it comes to insuring Films and related risks. Our insurance services cater to all section of Media and Entertainment industry. The in-depth understanding of the Entertainment business module and the risk involved makes us one of the finest Media and Entertainment Insurance brokers in the country.

Products and Services

  • Film Insurance / Production Insurance: covering the insured's additional shooting expenditure caused due to unforeseen and insurable risk.
  • Media Liability Insurance / Errors and Omission: protecting the insured from any liability lawsuit filed with regards to a copyrights infringement, defamation, title infringement etc.
  • Distributors Loss of Revenue: post release policy covering the distributor's loss of revenue due to unforeseen and insurable risk.
  • Advance Paid to Stars Insurance: Indemnification towards the loss of advance paid to the stars/artists/key principals.
  • Film Completion Bond: is a written contract that a film will be delivered and finished on schedule and within budget.
  • Commercial General Liability: protection against third party liability lawsuits for property damage and bodily injury.
  • Travel Insurance: comprehensive cover for crew members traveling abroad