Audit & Risk

Risk Management in its truest sense implies the process of analyzing the exposures to risk and determining how to best handle such exposure. It is a detailed process which involves technical know-how of the insurance subject and its implication son the exposures at risk.

We at Aviva provide Risk Consulting management services which involves the following steps:

  • Mapping the context in terms of defining the profile of the sector,
  • Assessing the Risks / exposures which can be elaborated as under:
    • Identification of the risks / exposures as to what can happen and how can it happen
    • Analyzing the risk in terms of its likelihood and the consequence of the same
  • Evaluating the risks / exposures
  • Developing treatment planes in terms of feasibility of the same
Aviva personnel are well-equipped to deal with the above procedures in terms of the technical expertise and the experience in designing adequate risk management programs. We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure not only in terms of conservation of resources primarily money factor but also in terms of setting out an image of an organization to its stakeholders which truly believes in the risk mitigation endeavours.


In today's times, in all business arrays, intermediaries have become inevitable. It is primarily because of the value additions brought on board by the broker fraternity.
Insurance essentially looks at providing adequate protection in an event of any eventuality. And at all times, the customer looks forward to receiving professional advise from people who are experienced and have enough technical know-how of the subject.

We at Aviva strongly believe that Insurance Broking is primarily based on relationships nurtured over a period of time. It mainly looks at understanding the requirements of the clients, delivering the appropriate solution and ensuring real-time services. We believe that we are in the business of enriching relationships as it is people-oriented and consist of human-touch at all levels.
The very concept of insurance broking is to facilitate the work to be done between two entities ensuring smooth functioning and providing adequate deliverables. At Aviva, with the enriched expertise that we possess from all genres of the industry and carrying significant number of years of experience in the field of insurance, we always endeavor to provide quality services to our valuable clientele.
Insurance Broking being a very generic term, we at Aviva have a very focused approach in terms of Generalists risk profiles and Specialist risk profiles. It mainly endeavors to provide solutions by adapting to the nature of the risk and considering the unforeseen eventualities.
Risks associated with the generalist profiles could range from a fire-spark in a building, machinery breakdown in a factory set-up, accidental damages on a motor vehicle, theft, etc. Whereas risks associated with specialist profiles could range from a cricket match being abandoned due to adverse weather, insolvency of a buyer, a lead actor in a movie falling ill and the shoot being cancelled, etc. We at Aviva are fully equipped to providing professional insurance advices in terms of designing an adequate risk management solution which justifies the very essence of Insurance broking.


Claims are an integral component of the Insurance broking cycle. It is the phase which requires maximum communication and interaction with the client which is the key to the right deliverables. Claims Management is essential in terms of determining the level of service parameters and ensuring the clients confidence.
We at Aviva have a dedicated claims management team servicing our valuable clients and ensuring timely settlement of the claims in an extremely professional way. We as an insurance intermediary would be a single point of contact for each and every claim that arises which enables the client to avoid any communication gap in terms of information sharing.

Aviva has the expertise and the experience of claims settlement in various sectors namely manufacturing & services, construction & leisure, power & energy, media & entertainment, sports, credit, aviation, etc. we have also been extremely in maintaining client retention considering our claims servicing abilities.
We at Aviva also manage the claims processes on a software system which enable everyone associated with the claim to be on a similar wavelength. The system allows to view the various aspects of the claims procedure namely various details associated with the claim, status of the same, level at which the claim is at, people involved in the claims servicing, surveyor details, surveyor inputs, etc. This primarily provides a snapshot of the claim and helps in taking further measures.

We at Aviva ensure adequate allocation of every resource in terms of time, technical know-how, system support, etc. for the smooth functioning of the claims procedure and avoid any friction in the entire process.