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& Energy.

Power & Energy sector is typically characterized as a complex and capital intensive industry having long gestation periods with adverse risk profiles, also as it is a highly prioritized sector in terms of the development of an economy at large, it requires a great deal of focus and attention.

As the financial investments in these projects are huge, there is a need for critical analysis in minimizing risk exposures at operation and construction phase. In Nigeria Power / Energy projects are prone to delays due to political compulsions and an insurance cover for such a risk can minimize the losses due to such delays.

This sector also involves a lot of exposures which range from energy on-shore and offshore risks, energy liability risks, credit risks, construction risks and so on and hence the limits of liability at stake are also very high.

Aviva team of experts bring in comprehensive solution in designing suitable risk transfer mechanism and risk management to suit the specific need of the particular project/operational activities. We have the resources required to comprehend the exposures, analyze the gaps and map a pathway to fill-up the gaps.

Products and Services

  • Risk Mitigation Consulting
  • Project Monitoring
  • Property Insurance
  • Construction Insurance
  • Casualty Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Delay in Start-up, and Advance loss of profit
  • Credit Insurance