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In the current economic scenario, where different forays of business are gauging increasing importance, amongst these is the Sports sector which is portraying its vibrancy and exhilaration. World-over, as Sports has always been one of the areas of interest for the masses be it cricket, soccer, golf, tennis to name a few, the contingencies attached to it are also becoming known. Considering the commercial aspect of the unknown factor involves high economic value which could be adverse and the same can be shielded by way of insurance.

A sporting event like an Nigerian Premier League (NPL) can be hampered by adverse weather conditions leading to cancellation of the matches or a FIFA World Cup could be affected by a terrorist attack and so on. All these uncertainties can be covered by way of a Comprehensive Sports Insurance Cover.

Broadcasters of live events carry high risks as huge revenues are at stake. Designing structured insurance solutions depending on the various exposures of the associated entities is the need of the hour.

Aviva has in-house expertise in the sports sector on various sports related structured solutions. Having mentioned that, Aviva is the first broker in the country to structure covers like "Player Loss of Fees" and "Player Bonus" insurance covers which has helped in minimizing high risks associated to this line of business.

Products and Services

Event Cancellation Insurance for:
  • Broadcasters : Television broadcasters have huge ad revenues at stake which can be disturbed due to any interruption in the telecast of a live game.
  • Event Organizers & Sporting Entities : Any economic strain on the revenue generating opportunities due to unforeseen events which is beyond the control of the organizers can be covered under Event Cancellation Insurance.
  • Player Loss of Fees Insurance : In an event if a player suffers an injury and is unable to play the game, the financial losses in terms of payment of contractual fees can be well taken care by availing a Player Loss of Fees Insurance Cover.
  • Players Bonus / Prize Indemnity : Having achieved a particular level in the game and pre-decided prior to the commencement of the game can be covered under Player Bonus Insurances. This can be well used as a promotional activity with a motivational element attached to it.
  • Standalone Terrorism Insurance Cover
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Travel Insurance